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Big Fan

Posted on 04/22/2012
Dear KISS, I am a huge fan. I'm an 11 year old girl! The concert on August 3rd is for my birthday. It is my biggest dream is meet KISS. Mr. Stanley- I love youu. Mr. Thayer- you are awesome. Mr. Singer- Epic Drummer. Mr. Simmons- Nice tongue! ;) I would like you to know that KISS helped me though my cousin's death. She died of CF at 28. Thank you. KISS is my best friend. I personally love the costumes. I was on FB and watched the video of y'all workin' at Wal-Mart. I think y'all need to come work at ours! As you can probably tell I a also find KISS relaxing. Mr. Stanley- How are the dressing rooms? Mr. Simmons- Do you ever get tired of going on stage? Mr. Singer- Do you ever get tired of putting on the makeup? Mr. Thayer- Do you ever get bored at sound checks? God I am a huge fan. Y'all are the RockGod's of all time!!!! My screen saver on my phone is a picture of Mr. Stanley. I swich it evry week to another member. Please give Mr. McGhee my best. KISS was my Jimmie Cricket. Instead of "Give a little whistle" I was at preschool singing "Love Gun" Thank you for everything. LONG LIVE KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Gun, KISSfan101 <3
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