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A Midwestern Mother appreciates Gene Simmons

Posted on 04/24/2012
Dear Mr. Simmons, I am a middle-aged, mother of seven, married for over forty years, grandmother of 13, and 4th grade teacher from Ohio. I don't think we have much in common. I also must admit I would not be able to recognize and of your music. However, I have watched several of your television shows about you and your family and I want you to know how much I appreciate them. I was sincerely moved by your tears at the Anne Frank House, the Annex. I have read _The Diary of Anne Frank_ multiple times. Every I read to my 4th graders her reasons for writing a diary. Your interaction with the family in Holland was so genuine and compassionate. You were very giving with the young man in this episode of your show. Another part of your show I appreciate is that Shannon reads books. There are not many instances of the celebrities reading on any show on television. I am constantly promoting the value of reading to young people so it is wonderful to see someone reading on TV. Lastly, I was touched by how open you are sharing your struggles with yourself and how open your family is with the issues you all face as a family. It was wonderful to be a part of your reconciliation with your family in Israel. Confronting your issues with your father was uplifting. It was brave of all of you and you sent an excellent example for how we must come together to solve our problems. We are all faced with the dilemma of examining our choices and taking steps to change for ourselves and the ones we love. I thought it was amazing that your experiences both enrich and enlighten my life. Thank you. Sincerely Yours, Karen McNaughton
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