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The Voice - Tim Mahoney

Posted on 05/01/2012
I just came from one of the most incredible fund raisers that I have ever been to! In the fund raiser my friend John had one of your albums that had your signatures w/ a pick. John did not even know Kellee who is fighting her 2nd battle with cancer. Tim Mahoney donated his time for Kellee's fundraiser because he has loved ones going thru this battle as well. Tim Mahoney gave $500 for this album and like John Tonight was the first time meeting her. Tim is giving the album back to John... How incredibly touching!! I'm sure you hear a lot of stories but I hope this one touches you as much as it has me and my friends! Some how some way I would really like the world to know how incredible Tim Mahoney is and give him a chance in your world! He is worth it! Kim (ugh I wish I could send you the flyer but it was to large) Kellee had breast cancer and fought it 2 years ago but last month she learned it had returned with a vengeous! Its now in her lymph nodes and liver at stage 4. She has two young girls and a wonderful husband. They are beautiful people inside out. And I'm grateful to have such wonderful people in my life!
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