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School Masquerade

Posted on 05/04/2012
Today was the last masquerade for me at school, so I decided to make this even better than last year(Last year I was Super Mario). So i worked on it and got a wig and a perfect dress for a typical Gene Simmons outfit, or what do you think? ( As you could see on the picture!) ( The picture doesn't show every cool detail tho, it still rocks!) Im 15 years old and im in the 9th grade in school in Sweden and im really into KISS nowdays, where went the attention for you guys!? Well, i didn't won the competition for the best masquerade costume, but I atleast made the best KISS costume for sure! Take a look and decide by yourself, is it even close to the original? Gene could never be replaced in his role, or? If there ever gonna be one that actually looks like him, you probably should ask me! ;) Come to Sweden soon? // Best regards, Johan Werner, Sweden
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