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1978 KISS Quilt

Posted on 05/09/2012
Wanted to share this.. As a KISS fan since 1974 and still a die hard fan. As kid i collected everything my bedroom was a KISS shrine as many fans rooms were. In 1978 my mother was starting to get into crafts and quilts, one of her first quilts was a KISS quilt she made for me. Well after 34 years and many moves, getting married, being a father, i lost track of that quilt, I had thought it was gone forever.. Today going through some storage stuff and throwing some stuff away.. I FOUND THE QUILT.. it made my day! This thing means more to me than any single KISS thing I have ever owned.. and to find it the week of Mothers Day... So awesome. I will never lose track of this again.. Thanks Mom, I love you.. and thank you for supporting my love for KISS all these years..
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