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Posted on 05/09/2012
My name is Savannah, and I'm 17. Me and my best friend Kendall are massive fans, but have never seen you live. This is probably due to money, but we've seen Detroit Rock City (which is such an epic film!) and loved the tribute to you guys in Role Models, and have seen KISS meets the Phantom of The Park which I must say was a weird-ass film but we still thought it rocked. I can only imagine what one of your concerts is like. I would beg you to perform at a festival in the UK next summer (I'll be in uni then and 18 and Kendall will be 19) but I can tell you now unless we hitch-hike our way there, sell our hair for money, use our leather jackets as beds and sneak into the gig, we'd still probably fall on our knees Wayne's World style shouting "We're not worthy!" :') Hahah rock on, guys. You're one of very few sources of decent music today. Anyone with auto-tune is classed as having "talent". Screw that. -Savannah Oh, and Gene - I was gutted when your merch room flooded, hope too much wasn't damaged, or you've replaced it all. Thanks for the music, it's kept me sane.
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