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the biggest fan !

Posted on 05/19/2012
dear KISS, my name is patricia rayon im from huntington park ca. im a huge fan of you guys . I started hearing your music since I was 7 years old from my older brother angel. ever since I became a kiss fan when I started growing up. you guys the best awesome band ever ! I will be a kiss fan till thee end of life ! sadly my brother angel passed away he was a huge fan of yours R.I.P. he always wanted to see you guys live. but ill make his wish come true by seeing you guys in aug. I wanna thank to my brother for showing me who you are and hear your music all day ! he would always paint me and my other slibing faces as kiss and pretend to play live concert and lip sing ahah well thank you kiss for being part of my life since my childhood now im 40 years old and still keep loving you kiss ! rock on till the end heres a picture of my youngest daughter hailie naomi campos a huge fan of yours :")
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