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Posted on 05/17/2012
I have seen KISS four times. The three times they came to Puerto Rico, and one time in Florida. I saw the line up with Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr in the 80's concert, then in 1999 when they came with Peter and Ace, and finally twice with Tommy and Eric Singer. I love KISS. I can't tell you how much...It is something beyond logic and reasoning. Everything beginning with their music and ending with their superheroes larger than life gods characters...It is my favorite band of ALL TIME!!! Then Motley Crue...I have seen them twice! IF YOU BRING THE TOUR TO PUERTO RICO IT WILL SELL OUT!!! I KNOW IT!!! JUST LIKE WHEN KEVIN COSTNER BUILT THE BASEBALL PARK AND THEY CAME, IF YOU BRING IT, WE WILL COME!!!! HAHAHA...AND I KNOW IT WILL SELL OUT!!!! AND YOU GUYS CAN SPEND SOME DAYS IN OUR ISLAND, SHOOTING THE BREEZE!!! PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP!!! COME TO PUERTO RICO!!!!
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