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I Love You GUYS!!!

Posted on 05/17/2012
Dear, KISS my name is dakota but everybody calls me kota. when i was five my mother and her dad (my grandpa) gave me my first KISS album for christmas. when i listen to it. i was happy. i gave both a hug and a kiss and said to my mother "Think you for saving me." i've been a fan of you for a long time and your guys music is awesome. i love you KISS. thank you for coming to minot, north dakota in summer 2010. i sang along to all of your songs. my favorite from you guys are PSYCHO CIRCUS, ROCK N ROLL ALL NITE, I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU, HEAVEN'S ON FIRE, DETROIT ROCK CITY, STRUTTER and CALLING DR. LOVE. keep rockin you guys. KISS fan for life. ROCK ON!!
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