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I was surprised with KISS MEET AND GREET TICKETS!

Posted on 05/14/2012
So I didnít know Vans released an exclusive edition of KISS shows, and I stumbled upon them somewhere and HAD to have them. I couldnít find them for sale ANYWHERE, but my boyfriend found a woman selling them in Argentina and bought them for me for my birthday. So I thought my awesome KISS Vans shoes were going to be my birthday gift from my boyfriend. Wrong! He showed up at my house on the Saturday before my birthday with this awesome box that he, himself, wood-burned that I could store my awesome KISS shoes inside; it was so amazing! I was totally blown away. So I thought that was my birthday gift. Wrong again! He was recording my reaction as I opened the box, and right on top inside the box, there was a note attached, alongside of two tickets to go see KISS in concert in August. They werenít just any tickets, however. He got us MEET AND GREET TICKETS!!! It was a dream come true! Now I just have to wait until August for the concert in The Woodlands, TxÖ Thatís what is going to be the hard part!!! I LOVE YOU KISS!!!
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