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Posted on 05/11/2012
Hi there! I'm a rock fan and I surely like your sound. About eight months ago I was listening to "I was made for loving you" when my son and daughter (aged 8 and 4 respectively) rushed into the room asking what I was listening to. Since then, they're possessed with KISS! They're running around the house with their toy-guitars pretending to play your songs, my son writes the bands name virtually everywhere -he even started a pro-KISS "propaganda" at school, to his classmates!- For the past three months, I'm away from home in order to find a job (currently I'm in Sweden). My wife told me, they have repeatedly expressed the wish to travel to America and meet you and get your autograph. Since that's not possible (they live in Greece) and you're not visiting Greece in the near future, can it be done to "meet" their wish halfway somehow? Thank you for your time, keep up the good work! Myron
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