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Lars - greatest KISS fan -

Posted on 06/04/2012
Hi KISS a friend of mine named Lars (41 this year, a Swiss guy, but danish roots) is probably one of the biggest fans of KISS ever. He has seen you guys already at 27 concerts all around the world. 2012 - We wanted to see you at Knebwort, London - unfortunatly the concert was canceled. So Lars is coming to the states for 10 concerts in a row. We will start in Dallas the 4th August 2012 and he alone will follow you guys for 10 concerts with a rental car for about 2 1/2 weeks. This is awsome - we would have seen you guys after the this for about 37 times. I can imagine that you receive letters like hell - but this story is unique. He has all the LP, CDs, lots of pictures and posters and is listening to KISS all day long. Just a BIG BIG fan. I wanted to buy him a Meet-and-Greet - but is afraid of because he does not speak good english. the picture is from the concert in Oberhausen, Germany where we have been driving 800 miles in total within 24 hours just to see you guys again (Lars left, Lorenz right). so if you found this an interesting story, I would love to tell you more or you bring it to the website :-) see ya in Dallas Lorenz
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