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my daugther birthday

Posted on 06/05/2012
folks, I know that this is probably usual to you, but I would like to write some words about an important and recent event that happened in my life. My 9 years old daugther asked me to have her birthday party with a specific theme: A KISS SHOW Party. Well, for a dad's ears was a dream: See my little daugther starting to enjoy the same kind of music that I had growed up enjoying, was amazing. Well...we, like a KISS ARMY (me, my wife, my mother, my sister, mother in law and others) did the party... I put a the KISS DVD... invited all friends, asking to go with rock T-shirts and did a cake table with a "KISS band performace". Her name is Natália... and we did a unforgetable party... a Real Rock and Roll all "Nat" (her nick name is "Nat", spelling like "Nite" in english). Note: as we didn't find KISS' dolls to create the cake table, we used some available dolls (1 Kent, 1 Disney Princes and 2 Justin Bieber)..."sorry about that"...but in the and the result was good...we also use recycle material to build the stage. Please find attached a pic of the cake table. Thanks, Jorge from Brazil
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