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GOD put a message in my heart

Posted on 06/16/2012
Dear KISS I love you since I know you. I am an Evangelist and love kids. I get SO angry when people say KISS are evil! You proof the opposite so many times! I don't care who gets this or not, but I can't keep it for myself! Last night I got a dream about KISS... Your music made you my favorite band, but after this dream I'm looking at you with more than just fan-eyes. I get crying when I saw the Melbourne kids singing and my heart gets so soft when I see Paul hugs someone. And when I see the news about the concert in London, I realize that God shows me KISS are great people who shows an example for me. Those who call KISS evil need to wash the lies off their glasses! I've always love you, but now I love you like I love the kids! God bless KISS Christopher Smuts /
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