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United States and KISS ARMY Forever

Posted on 06/19/2012
Hello. My name is Jason Cain. I have been a die hard kiss fan since I was about 3. Kiss has had a major influence on my life. My second kiss concert was in Roanoke VA on 3 Oct 1996. I was 13. Security stopped me and gave me front row tickets. I ended up getting the neck of Pauls guitar at the end of the show!! I was an experience words cant describe. Fast forward to 2003. I joined the US Army. I remember all I asked my parents to bring to graduation was a copy of KISS Symphony because I hadn't got to hear it. After job school, I deployed to Iraq and took every KISS cd i had with me. The music is what kept me going during the tough times. I ended up deploying one more time after that and the same rules applied. Kiss came with me in all my worldly travels. After active duty I married and my wife gave birth to our second beautiful daughter on 3 Oct 2008, exactly 12 years after my amazing KISS concert. So that day will always hold a special place in my heart. Both of my daughters are now die hard KISS fans The attached picture is from 2010. My friend and I took our wives and oldest kids to your VA Beach show and it was amazing!!! I am currently serving in VA Army National Guard as a member of the Funeral Honors Team. Its a great way to give back to veterans of all generations!! My dream is to meet you guys and just say thanks for the music, the good times, all you do for the military, and the great memories. Unfortunately on my salary, its a little out of reach. My wife and I have tickets to see you guys in Raleigh, NC in July and cant wait!!!! Thanks for the memories SSG Jason Cain
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