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Halloween 1997

Posted on 06/20/2012
Dear KISS, I just wanted to share with you guys this pic of me and my friend David on Halloween night of 1997. This was taken in Mission Viejo, CA at my aunt's house. My friend David went as Ace Frehley and I went as Gene Simmons. My mom made our costumes for us. Everyone loved our costumes! My parents had moved to Southern California in the summer of '97 and I was the new kid on the block and had no friends. Fortunately high school started and I was a Sophomore and I met David on the first day of English class. We instantly clicked as friends because of the mutual liking for KISS and other stuff. I moved away a year later and since then we have lost touch. He was one of my best friends and this was a night I will always remember. Halloween was sooo much fun with him. Last time I heard from him was a letter he sent to my mom with his Navy ID. I tried to find him and write to him with no luck. Years have gone by and I still have no contact info for him. He was in the military so I don't know if he is still alive or has since died. I would love to find him again. But until I do, I will always have this memory of Halloween 1997! Sincerely, N. Tyler Adams
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