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Posted on 06/30/2012
We must start out by saying we were more than elated when you and Motley announced that you would be touring together this summer. My sister and i have been KISS fans since we were born! (we inherited this state of being from our dad. He and his twin brother were proud members of the KISS army and have stayed loyal fans to this day!) Our dad went to your shows when he was a teenager and now he is taking us as teenagers! We have always loved your music but as we have gotten older we really appreciate the impact that KISS has made for rock and roll history and the future of rock! You guys have formed such a strong and unique identity, not only with the makeup but through your sound also. Listening to your music has gotten us through a lot of tough times. KISS song lyrics decorate our bedroom walls and inspire us to be creative and live our lives to the fullest everyday. THANK YOU! We cant wait to see you guys in Auburn this August!!!!! Love your fans, Sabrina and Haley Manning
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