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Thank You

Posted on 07/02/2012
Hello KISS, First off I just have to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! You are and were the first band I've ever seen and hopefully you'll be the last band I see before I die. If I come in a bang, I might as well as go out in a BOOM, a Sonic Boom preferably. :) I was just curious as to if you still played snippets of The Who at your shows or better yet Zeppelin. Haven't been to a show since 2010. So cannot wait until September 12th!!!!!!!!! Blossom, you bet I'm gonna be apart of The Tour. I owe alot to you, the band, the music, hell just the name itself. You are THE HOTTEST FREAKING' BAND IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck the critics and the dis-approvers. Thanks again!!!!!!! Much Love. God Bless. <3 Sincerely A KISS Soldier FOREVER -Caleb John Jacob.
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