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cincinnati concert

Posted on 07/03/2012
hey there! i've been a fan since i was 8 years old, and now at age 25.. I finnaly get to see yall in concert. Growing up, i didnt have many friends, the ones i did have spent there weekends partying and getting high, and i would go to my room, in which the top bookshelf i had lined with foil. and laced with christmas lights, and set up my kiss dolls,and blasted kiss music on my jvc all weekend.The band that got me through my fathers drunken rages, and the bullying at school. even still today when i have a bad day at work, i put on my kiss record, and all my problems go away, itslike magic, and come august 31st, my second biggest dream,is going to come true, seeing yall in concert. as soon as i saw yall were comming to twn, i saved my money(whatever i had left after takeing care of a family of 3 me my husband and 2 year old daughter) and got a great seat seat number 446. and if your wondering my first dream, its to meet yall, but maybe someday if not, Ill take the concert, AND I AM ECSTATIC! SEE YOU AUGUST 31STAT RIVER BEND!
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