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hell or halleluyah

Posted on 07/06/2012
This song is so cool and its pace rocks. I really hope that radio stations play this song so this song become a new classic. Let us know what can we do to make this happen. I just sent an email to the rock station in houston(the arrow) to play the song stating that it is a new classic and people will love it.I mean rock stations keep playing the same music over and over and it gets old. Rock stations don't evolve and this is why they keep losing ground to the rap, even salsa crap(of course I always try to be politically correct so my friends listen to kiss).. I really wish you the best with this new song and new album cause you deserve it. You are truly the greatest rock band ever and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy your work. People don't realize that you are the Joel osteen of rock and roll(of course you go first) because you always have this positive message about live in your music. Kiss is about success and leaving a great life away from drugs and nonsense habits. I really thank you for everything and you are a blessing to society. God bless you paul, gene, eric, tommy and company.
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