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Crazy For KISS

Posted on 07/14/2012
My dad and I are the BIGGEST KISS Fans when ever we are drivng in the car we turn on KISS and and Rock Out and have the stereo turned up really high and roll down the windows people think we`re nuts I dont care i just yell KISS stick my tongue and and put a rock and roll sign on my hand! Rock USA Oskosh, 2011 the first time I ever seen you in concert. I was so mesmeized during the hole concert . KISS got me so energized I felt like I could run through a brick wall through out the hole concert! I also had tons of jaw dropping and eye popping moments when the fireworks lite up the stage and how the confetti blasted everywhere during Rocken Roll all Night the last song of the Hole Rock USA the resson KISS was last was because your the Best Show and they saved the Best for Last! It was Amazing the way Gene breathed fire and his blood spitting bass solo. I was also Amazed at Eric Drum solo the way he smashed the drumbs was crazy! Paul was the crazy one he is a true rocker on stage! Also Tommy was the best guitar solo out of all the bands at Rock USA I would take guitar lessons from you any day! Also My parents wanna take me to Disney Land for Spring Break and I`m like I would rather go on the KISS KRUISE 2 I would go on the KISS KRUISE instead of Disney any day because you are my inspiration your music inspires my dad and I to do good and kick butt in sports! Im also trying to get all my friends to join my KISS Fan Club I want all my Friends to listen to KISS and enjoy the Best Band in the Hole World and know what real music sounds like! Hope you ROCKED OUT to my letter your BIGGEST TRUEST KISS FANS, Dale and Sabrina, Svoboda
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