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Gift from a friend

Posted on 07/18/2012
My name is Zac Vege, I am good friends with Lou Antonelli. Recently, he contacted me saying he had a special gift for me. He said that because of the support I have given Quadrama films, he wanted to give me his 1974 Kiss Promo Poster. As we all know, this poster is the first poster issued by Casablanca Records. This poster was a huge influence to Lou and led to his dream of making One Live Kiss with Paul Stanley. Lou had this in his collection for 38 years and said that he hopes I have it in my collection for the next 38 years. It is the best gift I can ever/will ever receive from one of my best friends. This is a huge friendship that never could have been if it wasn't for KISS!!! Thank you, Zac Vege
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