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Thank you from the Veterans

Posted on 07/19/2012
As a Veteran that served in the Navy back in the 70's, I cant begin to tell you how elated I am how involved Kiss is with our Soldiers and Veterans. The support you give only goes to show how much of a class act you gentlemen are. Kiss is constantly giving to our brave men and women serving and have served to ensure our Freedom and American way of life! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. My son was part of the Q&A on the Kiss Kruise, and he also thanked you for your endless participation for me because he knows how important a topic this is with me. This concert that you are performing for our Members of the Armed Forces both past and present is nothing short of monumental. My friend Robert (better know to his Kiss Kruise and Facebook friends as War Machine Squad) got the honor to interview you for the Boomer magazine. There is no one more deserving than him! I wish i was able to attend, but i live to far away. But i look forward to meeting you gentlemen again when you play at Jones Beach and in October on the Kiss Kruise II. Rock on, and God Bless America!
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