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Rise of the Phoenix

Posted on 07/20/2012
As a Kiss-fan this afternoon, I find myself completely amazed by the greatest rock and roll band on earth: Thursday July 19th 2012, thirty years after Kiss’ tenth anniversary with «Creatures of the Night», the band finally reclaimed the throne as the world’s most spectacular live act! In 1982 the band finally left a proud tradition of complex and creative stage productions. Even in 1996, with the reunion of the original line-up, quite a few fans were surprised to see the production being watered down and a mere shadow of what had been seen 20 years earlier. Luckily for Kiss, they are a great musical band and really didn’t need the effects to survive. Survive they did, and actually managed to pick up a few new fans as well. However, it was always clear to me that they very lagging behind with their stage productions. They did not take full advantage of Kiss! Which Kiss absolutely should! A book could have been written… I only represent myself, but I do know this band! There is no question in my mind that what could be seen live on July 19th 2012 most definitely is Kiss back in control! I have not seen them like this since a few clips of the «Dynasty» tour – 33 years ago. Sure – I was always a fan, but never did I think that Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer would manage to bring back the powerhouse that really is Kiss. It was truly a joy to watch, and a show that will be discovered by many outside the Kiss Army! Oh, what fun it is to be a Kiss-nerd!
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