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KISS Army Satin Jacket & Set List pt 1

Posted on 07/21/2012
Hello KISS & KISS Army Family Just wanted to share my KISS Army Satin Jacket, and also, I have been a fan for 36 years, I will be 47 in August, and I got turned onto KISS when I was 9. I'm putting together a KISS project for fans that have been fans for 30 years plus, so far a lot of fans are interested. There will be a video posted on you tube within a few weeks, and I will send you all the details. One of the questions I have for fans, which I have asked on KISSBOOK, is: If you could make a set list for KISS to play live, what would it be, and there are a lot of fans that want to hear different songs, one which came up a lot was: Almost Human, I personally would love to see Gene spit blood then have you go into this. I know one of your motto's is, never go backwards, but I was one of the fans who stayed with you through the 80's, went to the concerts, (I first saw you for the Dynasty tour, and have seen every tour from" Lick It Up" to the present) and bought the albums and cassettes. I'm what I like to call a 3-D KISS fan: Diehard, Dedicated & Devoted. You always say, without us, the fans, you wouldn't be where you are today. I was one of those fans that were there for you yesterday so you can be here today. Please KISS or someone in the KISS camp; listen to what the fans have to say about the set list, I think you would be very surprised. If the unplugged convention, Paul's two solo tours and the set list from the KISS Kruise, doesn't show that fans know and want to hear different songs, then we'll just have to "Shout It Out Loud" for you to hear us. Please do not take this as a slam, I love you guys, your tattooed on my body and flowing in my veins.
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