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trevor b adkins

Posted on 07/21/2012
hello i'm richard l adkins i'm sending kiss a picture of trevor b adkins my son. he was killed in aftghanistan on 07/09/2012 by a IED road side bomb while on patrol ,, he was a mp for the us army he was born 04/24/1991 , he loved kiss when he was little his favorite song was [sure know something..] also [rock n roll all nite]..i wouldnt let him listen to nothing but what i love and still do which is kiss when he was little till around 6 or so and of course he went on to other rock bands.. i've been a fan since 1975 i'm 48 and still love you guys..KISS !. trevor joined the army to give the freedom and make the world a better place it's that simple ...i just want to keep his dream alive and that make a better world..thanks richard l adkins
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