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40th Birthday

Posted on 07/22/2012
I turned 40 on July 20, and my family planned a surprise 80's/Rock and Roll birthday party for me complete with a KISS cake, KISS coloured streamers, and balloons that my 7 year old niece Mackenzie drew the KISS faces on for me, from memory! Well, she got Gene, Paul and Ace, didn't have time to do Peter. My 4 year old niece Kaitlyn said all the KISS guys are creepy, but cool. She says Gene is the creepiest though!! The girls also did some song and dance routines for me to some KISS songs. And I got a new set of luggage to take on the KISS Kruise in October. Had a great night, with everyone dressed up in some tribute to the 80s/ROCK!! Made turning 40 seem not all that bad. I wanted to post some videos/pictures, but my computer isn't cooperating... Kristine Connell Hamilton, Ontario
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