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:D an astonishing miracle.

Posted on 07/23/2012
So, three days ago my dad brought me in his room and he had a pair of KISS sunglasses in a case and he said, "Jonathan, I am really sorry but we cant make it to KISS.But,I got you some KISS sunglasses." He hands the case to me. By now I am already crying but I didn't want him to see.As I turned around he said, "Will,come here and open them." By the way I really didn't want him to see me cry because he tried really hard and we aren't financially set, even as a 12 year old boy that is something I can understand.As I opened the case underneath the KISS sunglasses there were 2 KISS tickets. Me and my dad burst into tears because this is my one dream come true.My dad kept saying, "I told you I'd do it." So,that is my story I hope you enjoyed. And KISS,I hope your ready to see me on July 25th in Charlotte, NC. I well have a blue Mohawk and we are going to try to get there early because I really really really want to meet you guys.We would've gotten the meet and greet but we didn't have the money. And Gene or Paul or Tommy or Eric if your reading this I really want to meet you so if you see me it would really make my dream complete if you came to me after the show. You probably wont because I didn't buy the meet and greet but I really tried, it just didn't work out. So, if your reading this you would make a child's dream complete by going to meet him please do.
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