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Posted on 07/24/2012
gene.. thank you for all the years u and you band have given us.. My 1st concert ever was, Kiss Amlize {typo}. way back in the day.... U and ur band were in wisconsin, where I currently live. I have a signed shirt from you which is worth millions to me.. I wore it took it off and threw it to u, u signed and some how I got it back, I was only 17 at the time. Its not for sell nor will it ever be. I am 44 now, did 22 yrs in the Army I spent 15 months in irag and 12 in AGHAN..,... Thank u for ur music....I earned my degree in science and grew up with KISS. I have most everything the band put out.. Ihad the honor to see all to the group twice back in the day to ....Man time flies by so .fast, thank u for u music. Doubt I will get a message from u,, as I understand. But just wanted u to know I am a KISS fan for life...
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