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helping out a DISABLED VET

Posted on 07/26/2012
I Am Writing to tell u a TRUE STORY I am a volunteer Firefighter have been going on 31 years well heres the story i heard about the 1st KISS KRUISE but couldn't attend due to prior committments Then i Heard there was gonna be A 2ND KISS KRUISE well i know a DISABLED VET that DEFENDED OUR FREEDOM he wanted to go on the 2nd kruise as well i as did. Well BEING a VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTER I spoke to my fiancee & WE DECIDED TO HELP THIS VET OUT GETTING ON THE 2ND KISS KRUISE I FEEL SINCE HE DEFENDED OUR FREEDOM IT THE LEAST WE CAN DO WE MADE A GOOD FRIENDSHIP OUT OF THIS WITH HIM. Just wanted to share this with KISSONLINE Plus i feel Proud of what WE DID. I SEE A LIFELONG FRIENDSHIP COMING OUT OF THIS TOO..To me its not about Getting its ABOUT GIVING!! & We are giving a well DESERVED VET A CHANCE TO LIVE OUT PART OF HIS DREAM!!!!!
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