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Special Thanks

Posted on 07/27/2012
I want to thank KISS for the awesome private show put on for us Veterans, 19 July 2012 in Bristow, VA. There is no better band than KISS to do such an event…. And your support for “Hire a Hero” is first class!!!!! As a small child in 5th grade (early 80’s) I was ridiculed for carrying a KISS lunchbox by kids and some teachers. I had been listening to KISS the years prior and already developed the ego, the attitude, and carried myself as if I was larger than life. I got this way of life from them…. 1990 – I joined the Army and took my attitude, ego and instilled it in my Soldiers and always made them seem larger than life. I feel this was crucial during my deployment to Baghdad Iraq (2004). The things I learned from KISS I instilled in my Soldiers…… Just wanted to thank you all… Mike Rindorf
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