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How KISS Helped me Loose 150 Pounds!

Posted on 07/29/2012
KISS & KISS Army, Over this past year I set out on the most difficult task in my life. I set out in January of 2011 to loose 100 pounds. The beginning was very difficult and I almost didn't want to continue but with the help of KISS I kept charging along until I eventually got a rhythm down. For weeks I was listening to music that just didn't help and, the results proved that it wasn't the right choice either. So in late August I moved to college and I did some rearranging on my iPod. I found four KISS albums: Sonic Boom, KISS live in Austin 2009, KISS live in San Antonio 2010, and KISS Best: Kissology. With these four new albums I felt reenergized and ready to tackle this goal head on. Man, did I! I listened to those four albums for five months straight everyday! The best part is the music never got old! I would select the love concert albums and I would just run and run for hours on end. Three to four hours would just fly by. In 2010 I did the meet and greet for a KISS show in San Antonio. When I saw the picture with guys I was so disgusted in myself that it was hard to look at. On Friday August 3rd I will once again meet the Guys again. Only this time I can be proud of my picture with them. I can't wait to share my story with them, the results were more than I expected. With the help of KISS I met my goal, with the help of KISS I dis proved the nay Sayers and Bullies who taunted me all through my teenage years. With the help of KISS I lost a total of 150 Pounds to date. Yes KISS was the ONLY music choice to help me get through this. On August 20th I will begin the second stage of this weight loss journey, I will begin P90X and you know what music I'll choose? KISS until my goal is met. With KISS I know I can meet and exceed this goal. Thank you KISS with your help I'm no longer self conscious of what other people think of me. Thank you for helping me build a new confident Clint. Thank you for giving me the chance to share my story with you guys. And last but not least, thank you for being there when I had no one else to turn to, your music kept me going through the lowest of lows so, thank you. Can't wait for Friday! Driving three hours is more that worth it! Thanks, Clint Holtzendorf Dripping Springs, Texas
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