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San Antonio Concert 8/5/2012

Posted on 08/06/2012
Hello my name is jose mcclain i am 18 years old, yesterday i went to your concert that you had here in san antonio texas, im originally from brownsville, thats the tip of texas way in the bottom ( it took 4 hours to get there) i went with my dad and little brother to san antonio but i only went to the concert my girlfriend samantha who left to the navy in may bought me the ticket at vip nation on the day that you guys announced you were coming to san antonio. it cost her 300 dollars and i was in the 9th row F2 seat number 8, the show was amazing!! it was my first time seeing you guys perform and i was blown away by all of you! i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed the performance ill never forget it and i know that any one of you guys will proubly never read this but if you do i just want to say thank you for putting on a show that ive waited for since I saw you guys on JimmY Kimmel in March, and i would really appreciate it if you guys would send me a email or anything that would make my day so much you would make this mexican boy so excited ha-ha thanks any way and if you guys ever considered coming to the Rio Grande Valley for any concert come!!! you guys have so many fans here but cant make the trip to san antonio for a concert please consider and try to write back thanks and keep rocking!!!!!! thank you so much for a awesome night.
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