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KISS Raleigh

Posted on 08/07/2012
In 1974 I was 16 and going to a Catholic School HS in central North Carolina...the best class of the day was study hall in the school library where me and my other 4 buddies sat around the table with a Kiss cassette plugged into a player with a splitter box with multiple headphones. So the picture was this - five extremely long haired young guys, sitting around a table with hair and heads bobbing up and down with the volume cranked to max on the cassette player. Needless to say the librarian while not hearing what we were listening to (thanks to the headphones) was not pleased in seeing us day after day repeating the ritual for the next two years everyday. Fast forward 38 years...the wife and all the kids went on a vacation to see her family in England. Me being left unsupervised heard that KISS was coming to town...almost instinctively, I hop on the internet, find a Demon outfit, mask and matching platform boots and next thing I know I am heading to see the band. What a great experieince, and what GREAT MEMORIES. Long live KISS still the best rock and roll band of all time.
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