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Thank you for being there KISS

Posted on 08/08/2012
Dear Kiss, I would like to tell you about the power of music. Your music especially. Around the 4th of July holiday, there was a pipe that burst in my bathroom and the water flooded into the basement. unfortunately, most; if not all, of my CD cases and some CDs were stored down there. Due to hard water, there was a good amount of loss of CDs and of my bathroom and living room. When going through the lists for the insurance company, i was saddened to learn that most of the classic CDs that I had (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and yes, Kiss) were lost due to the water. There were some survivors. one or two of each group and a couple of greatest hits CD from you. As the days went on afterwards; I became more and more frustrated with the red tape in getting everything back to normal.It seemed like it would never end. Each time I turned around, it seemed like there was always something else. Thankfully, I found a way to escape the depression. At every chance, Id put on a CD and spend time listening as if it were an old friend. Thank you kiss for doing what it is you do. I know many fans can tell you that you got them through life when the chips were down and everything seemed impossible. Its good to know that after all these years, you haven't lost your touch many thanks guys! Craig Rivas Auburn, ME
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