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Meet and Greet 2012(San Antonio)

Posted on 08/09/2012
I just want to say thank you again for the great experience at the meet and greet in san antonio on 8/5/12. I'm really thankful for the respect that you show to the fans, your dedication and the quality of the whole event. Each member of the band was great, nice and polite and made us feel like family. Also, what a great job done by the vip host treating all the fans with so much warm and respect. I mean Dean, Ron and company did such a great job that you begin to feel sympathy for them too. I have not words to describe the whole experience other than to say thanks a lot for the amazing moment. I'm so glad that you did the private set instead of the sound check. WOW, speechless, the best(thank you for listening and playing CHARISMA). Very nice organized the way that you have to line up to get items autographed after the private set. Also, the concert was great as usual. I enjoy the arena setting much more than the one in those amphitheaters because you can appreciate stage (Big) much better. I'm sorry but you continue to sell this high quality products and I will continue to buy(lol). Anyway, thank you again and keep on rocking. I've have admired your music since 1984 and this is the best KISS line up ever!!!
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