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Posted on 08/18/2012
I have been a KISS fan since the age of 13 or so (I am 50 now). At the age of 19, I joined the Navy and spent the next 22 years overseas. I recently retired from the Navy and chose San Diego, California as my "new home". For my 50th Birthday, my wife bought 2 VIP tickets to the Motley Crue/KISS concert here in San Diego. On Sunday, August 12th 2012, my life went to the next level. I was FINALLY seeing KISS IN CONCERT! My wife swears I acted like a teenager during the entire performance... as did the 63 y/o man sitting to our right (also seeing KISS for the first time). IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING CONCERT...EVER!!!! I know KISS has been touring and performing for over 35 years now - so I want to THANK THEM for always performing at a top level. There are so many of us who have had to wait for various reasons over the past several decades to FINALLY see KISS in concert - and you do it in amazing fashion. Please always remember: There will ALWAYS be at least 1 person in the audience who has never seen you perform... Rock your asses off for that one person... and SHOUT IT OUT LOUD! Craig "Watty" Watkins
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