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My Daughter got me tickets

Posted on 08/18/2012
My beautiful daughter Kimmie Brooks of 25yrs had been looking for a job for a while. She is a single mom of 2 kids 3yrs and 4yrs. My 3yr old grandson has some issues ans special needs. So life is ruff for her. The first thing she did was buy me tickets to see you. She knows I have always loved KISS! I have recorded every show of Gene Simmons family jewels. She wound up louising her job because of day care issues. She got a 72 hr notice and we were selling every thing we had to make rent. including the tickets. some how the money came through and we didn't have to sell them. I'm so excited!!! Ridgefeald Wa. Here we come!! Thank you baby!!!! LOVE ANDRIA
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