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My dad

Posted on 08/19/2012
Hello beloved members of the hottest band in the world. I am writing on behalf of my father and me, unfortunatley I lost my father to a heart attack back in 2010. My father was one of your biggest fans and seen you guys many of times. He shared his love of KISS with me at a young age, in which I became a big fan. I am planning...hopefully meeting/seeing you guys in Tennessee around September. I will be coming in memory of my father. Before I go, just a FYI on how big of a fan my dad was, his last request was for me to have the unplugged version of Rock N Roll all Nite at his funeral...I had it played for him. I know he's looking down on me from heaven with a smile. I dont know if you guys reply back or not but some words of encouragement would really bring me solace. If not I understand, but please never stop playing because it keeps the memory of my dad alive! Your second biggest fan.
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