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STL 08/27/2012

Posted on 08/28/2012
There really are gods of rock, and they walk among us......I took my son (a precocious 5th grader) to the show last night in St. Louis. We drove 3 hours each way on a limited budget but were very happy with our places on the lawn. Right before KISS came on stage, I felt a tap on my shoulder. A gentleman asked me if I was the boy's mom. Immediately, I was afraid he had misbehaved while sneaking up to edge of lawn to get a better view. The man explained that he needed to leave but wanted to give us his tickets to "floor seats." We were appreciative and accepted them, thinking they were just in basic seats. Each usher we went to for directions told us to go further to the front. We ended up in VIP section where my kid had the night of his life! There are really no words to express what that meant to us. It was a great show. I just wish I had a way to let that couple know how much their kind gesture impacted my son. Rather than the rowdy impression people warned me he would get from the concert, he came back having been the recipient of some very nice people taking time out of their evening to search out a boy and his mom who could use their gift. Not a bad lesson afterall, huh?
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