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Upcoming KISS show in Nashville...a tradition continues

Posted on 08/31/2012
In 1979, my parent's took me to my first rock concert in Memphis, Tn. My dad was a disc jockey at the time and he was able to get KISS tickets and backstage passes. I was a huge KISS fan and I can't begin to describe how excited I was. In the eyes of an 8 year old boy, KISS was larger than life. Many years have passed since then but that one concert made me a fan for life. I will never forget the experience.....EVER! In 2009, I took my oldest daughter, Cameron (11 years old at the time), to her first rock concert in Birmingham, Alabama. It was KISS. It was also my wife's first KISS concert. We were all so excited. I got to relive my childhood KISS concert memories through my wife's and especially my daughter's eyes. Again, it was an amazing experience. My daughter will never forget it! On July 31st of this year, I took my daughter and my 9 year old step daughter to the KISS concert in Pelham, Alabama. Briana, my step daughter, had never been to a rock concert before. When KISS began their show, Briana jumped up on her seat and began to sing. It was awesome. Another unforgettable memory was made! Now, as we get closer to the Nashville show on Sept. 4th, I have one more opportunity to share the excitement with one of my children. My 4 year old son, Andy, loves KISS. As I type this, he's on the couch watching "KISS meets the phantom of the park" and singing "Rock and Roll all nite". He's constantly asking me or my wife if it's time to see KISS yet. I absolutely cannot wait until it's concert time. Like me as a child, KISS will be larger than life to him. I know without a doubt that he will remember his first KISS concert for the rest of his life. I'm 41 now and I'm still a huge KISS fan. Now, like me, my children are huge fans. How many people think back and say, "Man, I would've loved to have seen the Beatles."? Well, I've seen my "Beatles" many times and I have the memories to prove it. Thank you KISS for the continued touring and music. Thank you for the unforgettable memories that you've allowed me to experience and share with my children. Attached is a photo of my backstage pass from 1979. Even though it says Madison Square Garden and is dated July 25, 1979, it's stamped Aug 12, 1979....the date of my first KISS concert. Tony Roberts
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