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Husband and wife at KISS

Posted on 09/09/2012
KISS concert as newlywed couple in Chicago!!! This was Amanda's first ever KISS show- and Clinton's fifth. *Note from Amanda: My husband was raised on KISS and had many musical influences from his father Brad. Both of them avid members of the KISS army their wholes lives. I knew since this was my first show it was go big or go home so we went all out with makeup and costume. Paul Stanley's star and platform leather boots for me. Vinnie Vincent ankh paint and vintage concert t shirt / hat for Clinton. We had our costumes, tickets, KISS music blaring in the car down the highway-all but one necessary element for the concert-Clinton's father, Brad. Perhaps one of KISS' biggest fans, Brad recently passed away early 2012. He was in my thoughts the entire day and as we pulled into the venue Clinton pulled out his father's urn and smiled-Brad was with us not only above in heaven with his rock horns held high, but alongside us as well.
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