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my bathroom !!

Posted on 09/11/2012
Hi y'all, I am really proud of this piece of art i made myself. It's a 150 x 90 cm. mosaic of white and black marbles from our friend Gene Simmons. Me, my husband and our three sons are all very much into Kiss. So when i wanted to make a mosaic for our new bathroom, we all agreed that it had to have something to do with KISS. This is the result. Now that it's done, we are very happy with the result.!! By the way, : our youngest son is now 9 years old, he's the only one who did'nt see Kiss Live. We promissed him that he can come, the next time that the band is visiting here! So, when are you coming to play in Holland again?? All the best, Greetings from me and my familie.
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