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KISS/motley crue concert toronto

Posted on 09/15/2012
just a great big thank you to both bands who did a terrific show on sept 13/2012 at molson ampitherater in toronto. we know that the tours are all about money for the bands, but for this grandmother i got to take my 10 year old grandson to listen and hear music that i listened to for a long time. it was magical for me to see him moving with the music! Kiss is such a great band for families to take their kids. we respect them for girlfriend brought her two kids and they were amazed. first concerts for all three and they couldn't have heard a better band!!!! again it mean't so much for us that these young ones got a chance to hear what great music can sound like and yell and scream at the same time!! thanks to KISS!!!!!! please come back to Toronto soon!!! we will definetly be there again!!!!
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