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Posted on 09/24/2012
Hi Guys, Let me introduce myself quickly. I was the audio guy for the Conan O'Brien crew in '96 when Conan interviewed you aboard the Intrepid before the "official" Reunion Tour announcement minutes later. Afterwards, during your CNN interview I was trying to get Gene to sign my shirt. I was rewarded by what I can only describe as a look from the Demon that said, "Either you have the biggest set of balls around or you are a complete idiot". I was immediately pulled away by Doc and never got the shirt signed, but the look from Gene was worth it! Anyway, thought I'd share that little story with you. I'm really writing to ask if you guys would consider letting Tommy and Eric do their new songs live. I know Shock Me and Beth are classics but they almost belong to a different era. What I mean is, my son is 15. Like me he's a huge fan (I've been a fan since I was 10. I'm 46 now), but he's more familiar with Psycho Circus and Sonic Boom than he is with Love Gun, Destroyer, etc. I think for your younger and newer fans (as well as some of us "originals") it would really be a treat to hear Lightning Strikes, All For The Glory, or even Raise Your Glasses (great song!) or I Pledge Allegiance... especially since Tommy played on those anyway! Well, thanks for the time and we're looking forward to MONSTER! Brian
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