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Posted on 09/27/2012
Hey guys, eleven years for the band back in my city? Glad I'm alive for this event now at last I'll see the best band in the world live here in Porto Alegre Rock City. I tell them that I love them heart and I hope too eager for the day that will land here again, will be one of the happiest days of my short life of only 20 years of age. All await you at bringing welfare, the happiness, the greatest show on earth. If I'm on the 14th of November at Stadium Zequinha? FOR SURE! , One of the most anticipated moments of my life and that will finally become reality. I hope you hang in there when the curtain falls and you come on stage, I'm thrilled, I'm realizing a lifelong dream, a dream that one day I would be at the heart of the band's show, the band that is the most special, which has more fucking songs in its history. It's expensive, it's time the KISS show, and November 14 this is my path. COME SOON, PORTO ALEGRE IS WAITING FOR YOU! , Stay with God!
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