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Tribute to Eva

Posted on 10/03/2012
Hello to All in the KISS army and family-friends and fans-out of respect to Pauls mom and her recent passing i thought all of you guys deserved to read this email i sent over to Paul on his websight and sent in a genuine respecteful way:::God Bless Eva Eisen and of course her entire family and the joy and musical respect she brought to this world,Her amazing enthusiasm,spirit and support for her family and popular music and just simply in life seems almost unimaginable and she's obviously the main reason her family is all successful and continue to be magical...."Now is the time to remember the greatness and memories of the past in this life- yet in turn it will be making us even stronger for what the future"will hold-(Dan Barcan-quote)...Stay Strong and Stay Brave!!....Sincerly,Dan Barcan/New Jersey
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