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The Beginnings

Posted on 10/02/2012
It all began way back in a little town called Blackburn, Lancashire (UK)... We were in the school record room playing an album by Slade called 'Flame', it would have been about 1978/79... A kid from the year above came in and took the album off the record player, he replaced it with 'Alive 2' by KISS and for me everything changed! I was bullied when I was young, picked on a lot, a little guy who grew big later... My only out-let was music and super hero comics... Now, for the first time ever, I had both in one move... I bought 'Alive 2' and 'Love Gun' within three weeks, I started to find out everything I could about KISS... I started seeing them live as soon as I left school, I joined the KISS ARMY in 1983... In 29 days I board a ship in Miami for KISS KRUISE 2... I am now a Film Director and KISS are a huge part of my life... I saw them in Vegas just weeks ago, and here in the UK the 'Monster' arrives on Monday... It is indeed all good...
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