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Posted on 10/02/2012
To the members of KISS, We wanted to thank you for contributing items for The Boyce Family Auction, the proceeds of which have been donated to help them pay for the funeral of their young son, William Boyce. Craig Boyce has always been an avid KISS fan. People in the KISS Army have come to know and respect him, to consider him a dear friend. When we heard of the tragic loss of his young son, we wanted to do something special to help out, something that all members of the KISS Army could choose to participate in. An auction seemed to be the ideal way to raise money for the family. KISS fans from all over the world offered items to be auctioned, many of which were KISS memorabilia. When we organized the auction, we decided to reach out to KISS. We were surprised and so pleased, when you donated a bevy of items to be auctioned off. The KISS T-shirts, CDís and the signed KISS Kompendium book, captured peoplesí attention, spurning them to bid and contribute higher donations. People were excited, not only to help the family, but to own a piece of KISS, an item donated by their favorite band. Angela and Craig Boyce and we, the administrators of the auction, can never thank you enough. All in all, the auction raised $5,200, which has been donated to the Boyces. The gifts from KISS alone generated $1,890! KISS has always been known to give back to the fans, not only when you perform, but when you answer the call, whether it be to fulfill a dream or to help a worthy cause. Thank you again from all of us for helping a family in need, for giving back to your fans one hundred percent, and for continuing to provide us with the best entertainment possible! KISS forever! Sincerely, The Administrators of the Boyce Family Fund Maryanne Schaeffer, Caleigha McKinley, Kate Bigerna, Melissa Haraway Greene, Jane Kostopoulos, Caren R. Shiavello, Lorraine Christina Thorne and Ross Berg
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