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Posted on 10/02/2012
The best night of my life ... and now I can not imagine my life without that night! Neither the flood that hit a few hours earlier, at Foro Sol, decreased the concert tonight was memorable, I can say I've seen the best concert of my life, I have a great experience throughout the concert I was shocked I thought that by the third time, I was watching the world's hottest group KISS, the setlist was a time machine, lighting fireworks, Gene taking fire, spitting blood, flying Paul, Tommy and Eric for showing how good are, I was in shock, my heart beating fast, sing, shout, had a lump in my throat, too much emotion, too much adrenaline, I really feel are particularly unique. Paul Stanley showed his professionalism, his mother died the day of the concert and went to entregrarse as how big it is, without knowing us fans as we always give 1000%, I think that with this Paul felt sheltered. All this I have lived Kiss World, would not have been possible, thanks to a very important person in my life Ruben Villatoro (the love of my life) Kiss met Ruben shared his love for me and I was hooked Kiss to all life. Thanks Love On the night of September 29, 2012 has been the best night of my life! TKS KISS
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